Play CAPP - "Energy citizens"

CAPP - “Energy Citizens”

In one way or another, we all use oil and natural gas. And patriotically, we would prefer if that energy was Canadian! So, we were thrilled when The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers and i2 Advertising chose us to film their “Raise Your Hand Canada” campaign. We shot for 10-days, and our footage was eventually edited into 40 different broadcast spots. We showed Canadians from coast-to-coast agreeing that oil produced “the Canadian way” is the best choice for our country.

Play Quark - "Maps & legends"


Quark Expeditions, the leader in polar adventures, wanted to improve their marketing efforts by creating a brand video that spoke to their core beliefs, looking deeper into the soul of the company. They engaged Attest and Projektor to create a manifesto; Maps & Legends. Working as a true co-production, we then briefed in our partners from Quebec City, Fokus, to get the images that would best represent the script. Over a two month production schedule, we ended up producing the brand video and six service focused videos which provided insightful and relevant company information.

Play Canadian Tire - "Every picture tells a story"


We were initially briefed by Cleansheet Communications to create 17 mini-documentaries for a Canadian Tire Olympic microsite. We met with the team of people who really helped Jonathan Toews become one of the best hockey players in the world; his mom, dad, coaches, friends, teachers, fans, and more. We returned to our studio with over 38+ hours of footage and then realized it would be a shame to only showcase our material on a microsite. It needed a bigger audience. Luckily for us, CBC Sport was interested and we created a partnership. The final result was a TV documentary that was viewed by more than 1.9 million Canadians. Slightly more viewers than an average Hockey Night in Canada game. Not bad for a branded piece of content.

Play Canadian Tire - "TOEWS documentary teaser"


We created this one-minute piece, showcasing the authentic, intimate, and genuine footage we captured with Jonathan Toews. This mini-doc was used on the Canadian Tire microsite “We All Play for Canada,” but more importantly it was used to help sell through an entire branded content documentary to CBC. CBC Sports loved the footage, and it eventurally became the feature length documentary, Every Picture Tells a Story.

Play Rogers - "Share everthing"


Working with former colleagues at Publicis Toronto and Rogers, we helped them produce their “Share Everything” campaign, which consisted of 2 x 90s, 3 x 30s, and 6 x 15s broadcast spots. We edited footage from existing Rogers material and then added stock footage, producing this entirely new campaign, without having to pick up a camera.

Play York Univerity - "This is my time"


For the third consecutive year, we partnered with DS&P and York University to create the broadcast & web spots for their award-winning campaign “This is my Time.” Over the past three years, we have interviewed and filmed nearly 40 York students, all of whom have unique and exciting visions for the future. Their outlook has certainly helped York in its marketing efforts, but these students have also inspired us to be the best we can be.

Play Finance Canada - "Cordell"


We love creating testimonial videos for clients of all shapes and sizes. Yet, we were especially proud when we were chosen by The Government of Canada, to help them launch testimonial videos for Finance Canada and the 2015 Budget. Working with a wonderful team from KBS+, we produced, directed, and edited four testimonial videos. Travelling to Trenton and Markham, ON, and then to Vancouver and Langly, BC, we met authentic people in beautiful settings. Each testimonial video was shot in one day and then edited in five. With a tight timellne, we ensured these videos were available just in time for tax season.

Play Finance Canada - "Stonz"


This testimonial video for Finance Canada takes us to Vancouver, BC, showcasing the benefits of the Small Business Tax Credit through the story of Lisa Will and her children’s outdoor gear company, Stonz.

Play Canadian Tire - "If you build it they will play"


We were thrilled to continue working Cleansheet Communications and Canadian Tire on their “We All Play for Canada” campaign. In this :90s featurette that aired each day during the Paralympic Games on CBC Sports, we showcased Laurie Howlett and his company, Unique Inventions. Our work may have even inspired a BBC World featurette that was produced a year later. Nice try, BBC. Nice try.

Play Canadian Tire - "Ode to sledge builders"


Using the footage from our :90s featurette, we created a :30 broadcast spot again working with Cleansheet Communications and Canadian Tire. We began this entire project by going rink-to-rink, searching for “enablers.” We were trying to find the perfect person who had greatly contributed to the development and promotion of sledge hockey. We knew we hit the jackpot when we met Laurie Howlett from Unique Inventions. His authenticity and passion were a perfect fit for the “We All Play for Canada” mantra.

Canadian Tire - "The real team portrait"


Jonathan Toews is one of the best hockey players in the world. But he didn’t get there alone. This insight was identified by Cleansheet Communications and it fit perfectly with Canadian Tire’sWe All Play for Canada” campaign. Their 2014 Team Photo broadcast spot, produced by Partner’s Films was the highest rated commercial during the 2014 Olympics. As part of 17 mini-documentaries we created, this behind the scenes video showed the creation of the commercial. Our 38+ hours of stellar footage eventually ended up being made into the feature length CBC Sports documentary; Every Picture Tells a Story.

Play Canada Goose - "Filming in the Arctic"


The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race is know as “The Last Great Race on Earth.” It is one of the most grueling, difficult races to win in the world. But, that never discouraged 4-time champion, Lance Mackey. Nothing ever seemed to have ever Lance, including cancer. His story was so captivating that documentary filmmaker Greg Kohns decided it was worthy of a feature-length film. Partnering with Canada Goose, Greg created “The Great Alone,” an intimate look at Lance during the 2015 Iditarod Race. Canada Goose knew that anyone filming in such harsh conditions would be wearing their gear, and since Lance Mackey was already one of their sponsored “Goose People,” it was a perfect fit. We worked with DS&P, Greg’s team, and the Canada Goose team to give a little insight - behind the scenes.

Play Canada Goose - "Precision is perfection"


More and more garments are machine-produced or made in less than ideal conditions. Finding true craftsmanship is becoming harder and harder. For Canada Goose, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Canada Goose is all about craftsmanship and they wanted to prove it, letting our small documentary crew into their manufacturing facility and letting us shoot what we’d like! Working with DS&P, and the team at Canada Goose, we created two compelling stories, showcasing the authenticity of their products by showing the authenticity of the people who make them.

Play Canada Goose - "Hand stiched to the last"


Attention to detail is critical to the durability of a jacket. In this corporate mini-documentary we met Maria, another Canada Goose artist. Like many of the seamstresses hand-stitching jackets, her craft has been perfected with years of experience. This inside look at the manufacturing facility shows us how much effort goes into the creation of each jacket.

Play First Response - "Success Stories - Samantha"

First Response - “Success Stories - Samantha”

When we were asked to team up with our friends at KBS+ and Church & Dwight to capture testimonials on the new First Response Digital Ovulation Test campaign, we knew we were handling a delicate subject. The two ladies we interviewed however, told their stories with confidence and ease, and the results we captured were truly moving. Above is Samantha, a teacher from Cambridge who was able to conceive her son Nathan with the help of First Response.

Play First Response - "Success Stories - Stephanie"


In another one of our First Response testimonial videos produced for KBS+ and Church & Dwight, Stephanie, a social worker from Whitby, ON told us how she was able to conceive her second child with the help of the First Response Digital Ovulation Test.